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Million Dollar Baby Faces

A simple ‘Thank You’ just does not cover the gratitude we have for Brian at bkmacdaddy designs. My partner and I developed a concept for a new site the first part of January 2010. We were on a tight deadline to have the site live by February 1, 2010. Brian went above and beyond his call of duty, to help us achieve our goal. When we were flushing out certain ideas and were unsure how to bring to life what was in our heads, Brian helped turn those ideas into concrete and functional applications. I’ve worked with a handful of web designers in the past and I can speak honestly in saying that Brian is by far the most informative, helpful, hard-working and attentive designer that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He worked hard to understand our goals and he not only met our deadline, he actually beat our deadline and far exceeded any of our expectations. I want everyone who reads this to know that I would recommend Brian to anyone. I doubt few others could match Brian’s talent and service! We are forever indebted to him for taking such good care of us!