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The 562 Links I Tweeted This Week: 3/7 – 3/12

In case you missed one, or some, or just don’t even try to keep up with all the links I tweet throughout the day every day, here is this week’s list of links for your weekend reading and review. Listed purely in the order I tweeted them and no other type of organization, you will find topics such as technology, social media, web and graphic design, freelancing and more. Please leave a comment if you find this list useful so I will know that it’s …


Pro Bono and Free Services: Is It Possible To Give Too Much?


Last Thursday I was taking part in a weekly discussion among designers called DCTH (Design Community Twitter Hours) and this question came up: When do you draw the line between pro-bono & just helping for free? A very interesting discussion followed and it got me thinking about my own experience with offering my design and web services pro bono or for free. In this post I want to share some of those experiences with you and how they have influenced my business approach as well …


All The Links I Tweeted This Week: 3/1 – 3/5

I have tried to share the links I tweet in several different formats on this blog, just in case someone would benefit from it. It got to be a bit much work, and then the automated searchable database of links that I had running started doing weird things, so I kind of stopped. But I thought I would try another route, and simply keep a copy of every link I tweet throughout the week, then simply make the list available here. It’s not sorted by …


Is “Good Design” In The Eye Of The Beholder?

Good Design

I’ve seen quite a few articles and blog posts recently discussing “good design” and “bad design”. It got me thinking about the concept, along with the various categorizations and judgments we who operate under the title “designer” place so easily on the work of others as well as our own. Is not the determination of whether or not an object of design is deserving of the rating “good” a subjective one, formed by preferences and/or opinions? Or is there, in fact, a set of standards …


Don’t Let Your Bad Attitude Or Ethics Ruin It For The Rest Of Us!


The other night my wife and I went to our eldest daughter’s high school basketball game to cheer her on. We took our regular spot up at the top of the bleachers so we could lean back against the wall rather than slouching on the hard wood for the entire game. As we settled in, we noticed a few parents from the other team had the same idea and were setting up camp about 15 feet away. We commenced with the standard smile and nod …