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Don’t Make the Mistake of Only Being Social Online

Don't Make the Mistake of Only Being Social Online

We wake up in the morning and check our Facebook news feeds, our emails, any new tweets we may have missed overnight, our LinkedIn messages, our Google+ circles and anything else we’ve connected ourselves to in the ever growing online world. Many of us don’t even get out of bed until we’ve done all of this on our phones. It’s become a part of our daily routine, sometimes even before we whisper “Good morning” to our spouse or feed the starving pet or brush our …


How To Fail At Using Twitter To Drum Up Business


Several times over the past few months I have received some ridiculous communications via Twitter from freelancers or small businesses who obviously are new to Twitter and have clearly decided to jump on the social media marketing bandwagon in an attempt to utilize the tool to find new clients. The reason I say these exchanges are ridiculous is because they have been asking me – a web designer – if I would like to hire them to do web design! Not asking if they can …


Are “Lists” The New Twitter Status Measurement?

Lists on Twitter

Let me start this off by saying that I have not made use of Twitter’s new “List” feature because I don’t use the Twitter web interface nearly as much as I use Tweetdeck (here’s a great article explaining Lists). At first glance it seems that the new feature is very similar to Tweetdeck’s “Group” feature that enables me to create groupings of specific people who I wish to organize their tweets and perhaps watch them a little more closely than others or for particular reasons. …


Behind The Avatar #1: Jack Franklin – 17-Year-Old Web Developer and Editor of The Web Squeeze

Behind The Avatar - Jack Franklin

Today I will be starting a new feature here on the blog in which I will introduce you to people and blogs and websites who I have found to be of value to my education and life experience. Whether I follow them on Twitter or subscribe to their blog’s RSS feed or have interacted with them in some other way, these are people that I am getting to know and want to encourage you to do the same. In keeping with the spirit of previous …


Influencers, Followers and Friends – Oh My!


This week I was made aware of a public vote for Twitters top “Influencers, All-Stars, Mavericks, Game Changers”. Here is how the website describes the vote:

“The NOW Awards recognize celebrities and ordinary people who are making Twitter matter. From media and politics to technology and business, these game changers embody the qualities that are making Twitter and the emerging NOW internet a growing force in the world.

Include #140Conf, the word “vote” and your All-Star Tweeter’s username in your tweet. And remember, anyone can