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MacDaddy Links of the Week: Aug. 16-22


Here is this week’s compilation of the articles, tutorials, free downloads and more that I have added to my personal bookmarks for my own use. I hope that by sharing these you will find some useful treasures of your own. I’ve tried to organize them a bit to make it easier to find things – for all you other anal retentive types like me! Enjoy!

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How To Build Your Online Presence On The Cheap – Step 2: Choose Your Name Wisely

Choose Wisely

This series started in a previous post, so be sure to read the first installment before diving into this one. There is a certain progression that should happen in correct order for the best results, so be sure to follow the whole series by subscribing to the RSS feed or receiving the updates in your email inbox!

As stated last time, the key elements I am focusing on in the series are:

Your Brand – how you will be identified

What makes a good brand?…


How To Build Your Online Presence On The Cheap – Step 1: Start With A Good Brand


Today I am starting a series based on some of the many questions I am asked by clients, friends and others who are realizing they can no longer sit idly and watch the social media world pass them by, or they are already involved but aren’t clear about the best steps. My goal with this series is to give you the tools to inexpensively set up your own online presence from start to finish by using the insights and links and my own experiences as …


MacDaddy Links of the Week: Aug. 9-15


This week I unleashed a new feature of this website: a searchable database of all the links (and only the links) I tweet each day. If this compilation is too small for you and you can’t seem to get enough of the MacDaddy linky goodness, then be sure to check out the new links page. Bookmark it for future use too, as it is almost guaranteed someday you will want to use the resource again.

The group of links below are this week’s favorites for …


All The MacDaddy Links In One Place – Updated All Day Long!!!


***UPDATE 08/13/09: Now the links are SEARCHABLE! Check it out!

Since I have been on Twitter I have accumulated a following by not only interacting with the many new friends and connections I have made, but also by sharing a continuous supply of links to resources for web and graphic design, SEO, social media and more. As I have refined this link-sharing process over time, I have been trying to find alternative ways to provide the links for those that may want access or feel …