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My Weekly Recommendations of GREAT People To Follow On Twitter – 080709


Each week I try to recommend ten more people that I follow on Twitter with an explanation about WHY I am encouraging you to discover the value I have found in these wonderful people. I have also tried to give an accompanying article that follows or discusses something related to the now infamous #FollowFriday phenomenon on Twitter.

But it is now 8:40 pm (EST) on Friday night and there is not much time to keep up the article tradition. So rather than try to throw …


How To Use #MrTweet Instead of #FollowFriday + My Weekly Recommendations

It’s Friday again, and the hordes of #FollowFriday lists are filling up the Twitter stream once more. Every Friday for the past several weeks I have written a Follow Friday related post to share my thoughts and insights into this social media phenomenon, and I have started my own tradition of recommending at least 10 people here with a more detailed explanation of why I follow them in the hopes that you would follow them too and discover the value I have in each of …


MacDaddy Links of the Week – 072509


It’s that time again, boys and girls! These are the links that I have bookmarked this week for my own personal use. I don’t claim them to be the best of the week – but they are what I am using and rereading and keeping for future use. So maybe there are some in here for you too!

*Hint: if you want to receive daily updates of links that I bookmark, all you have to do is subscribe to my RSS feed and they’re yours!…


How Twitter Reminded Us That People – Not Numbers – Are What Matter + My Weekly Recommendations


This morning as I was going through my routine of catching up on RSS feeds and all the latest design, social media and tech news, I came across the story from Mashable that explained how Twitter decided to clean up spam and bot accounts last night. The article revealed how the result for most Twitter users would be a drop in follower count. Like most who read it, I quickly put down my coffee and checked my own statistics. I have to admit I was …


How I Keep Up With The Thousands I Follow on Twitter + My Weekly Recommendations of People to Follow


This morning as I was going through my ritual email and Twitter catchups, I came across a questions from a new friend on Twitter named Liz Stroud (@liz2point0). Liz asked: “How do you keep up with thousands of people to follow??? Seiously!” So I thought, why not answer the question in today’s #FollowFriday blog post along with my weekly recommendations of people to follow on Twitter. If you haven’t already read my previous posts regarding my personal approach to #FollowFridays, please check them out here:…