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DESIGNERS: Submit Yourself and Nominate Others To Be Featured Here!


If you’ve been following this blog recently you have been witness to a few new features that I have initiated in an effort to introduce and promote lesser known members of the design community. Yesterday I launched a new feature titled “Behind The Avatar” in which we will get to know different people who are designers and developers (and maybe other pursuits as well) a little more personally. In previous posts I have shared with you 24 Designers You’ve Never Seen On A List Before, …


Behind The Avatar #1: Jack Franklin – 17-Year-Old Web Developer and Editor of The Web Squeeze

Behind The Avatar - Jack Franklin

Today I will be starting a new feature here on the blog in which I will introduce you to people and blogs and websites who I have found to be of value to my education and life experience. Whether I follow them on Twitter or subscribe to their blog’s RSS feed or have interacted with them in some other way, these are people that I am getting to know and want to encourage you to do the same. In keeping with the spirit of previous …


Google Wave: Interviews of Real People’s 1st Impressions (Not “Experts”)!


Yes, I was one of the lucky few who happened to know someone who was willing to send me an invite to preview Google Wave last week. You can read more about my experience and thoughts in my first guest post ever written. It’s over on and you can read it HERE. Once I added a few contacts I decided it would be a cool way to test out the collaborative functionality of Wave by conducting a small interview asking my contacts about their …


Readers Sound Off: What Do YOU Want On the bkmacdaddy Blog?

Feedburner Stats

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I have been writing on this blog for a few months now and I’m trying to get a handle on what would be most helpful and interesting for those that are reading, subscribing, or pass through every now and then. I watch statistics very closely in order to measure which posts get the most views, comments, tweets, Diggs, etc. It is very interesting to me to see how people respond and what catches readers’ interest. As I’ve stated many times …


Influencers, Followers and Friends – Oh My!


This week I was made aware of a public vote for Twitters top “Influencers, All-Stars, Mavericks, Game Changers”. Here is how the website describes the vote:

“The NOW Awards recognize celebrities and ordinary people who are making Twitter matter. From media and politics to technology and business, these game changers embody the qualities that are making Twitter and the emerging NOW internet a growing force in the world.

Include #140Conf, the word “vote” and your All-Star Tweeter’s username in your tweet. And remember, anyone can