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Don’t Let Your Bad Attitude Or Ethics Ruin It For The Rest Of Us!


The other night my wife and I went to our eldest daughter’s high school basketball game to cheer her on. We took our regular spot up at the top of the bleachers so we could lean back against the wall rather than slouching on the hard wood for the entire game. As we settled in, we noticed a few parents from the other team had the same idea and were setting up camp about 15 feet away. We commenced with the standard smile and nod …


AT&T, Verizon, and the Major Fail of Mudslinging Marketing

The Major Fail of Mudslinging Marketing

If you have watched any live television in the past month with the unfortunate inability to fast forward through the commercials, you have most likely witnessed the back and forth advertising campaigns of AT&T and Verizon. It started with Verizon’s launching of the new Droid phone and an all-out bashing of the current king of all smartphones, the iPhone. Verizon decided to seize the opportunity to point out AT&T’s lacking 3G coverage along the way, playing on the iPhone’s catch phrase, “There’s an app for …


I Ain’t No Followback Girl (or Boy)

I Ain't No Followback Boy

Just the other day I saw the above tweet in my @replies column on Tweetdeck. I have to admit that right at first I was a little angry, offended and irritated. Not because this person chose to stop following me, but because they thought it was necessary to make a public statement about it. It felt a little bit like an attack on me and all because I had not automatically followed this person back after they followed me. Of course, in a matter of …


Influencers, Followers and Friends – Oh My!


This week I was made aware of a public vote for Twitters top “Influencers, All-Stars, Mavericks, Game Changers”. Here is how the website describes the vote:

“The NOW Awards recognize celebrities and ordinary people who are making Twitter matter. From media and politics to technology and business, these game changers embody the qualities that are making Twitter and the emerging NOW internet a growing force in the world.

Include #140Conf, the word “vote” and your All-Star Tweeter’s username in your tweet. And remember, anyone can


DESIGNERS: Why I Promote and Support You Rather Than Compete Against You


In case you haven’t stopped by this blog lately, my last few posts here have been focused on promoting new, upcoming and/or lesser-known designers. It has been a wonderful experience getting to meet and interact with other designers that I’ve never known or heard of before, and the satisfaction of creating a forum to raise awareness of their work – and even their existence – has been priceless. It has truly been a joy and it has inspired me to continue finding ways to contribute …