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10 More People I Follow On Twitter That You Should Too – And Why


It’s that time again. Friday. A day that in every other context is glorious. It’s the end of the week! The start of the weekend! Let the fun begin!

Except on Twitter. At least for me. If you’ve been following me on Twitter or read any of my previous Friday blog posts, you already know what I’m talking about. If not, please take a sec and read at least one of these previous explanations of why #FollowFridays on Twitter are not that enjoyable for me …


10 More People I Follow On Twitter And Why You Should Too


Here are this week’s recommendations from me of really great people I follow on Twitter. In case you haven’t heard, I have chosen to bypass the whole #FollowFriday mess and use this space to make more detailed recommendations each week. I also make a point of recommending each of these people to Mr. Tweet. I would encourage you to do the same for people you value.

If you’re still wondering why I don’t use #FollowFriday like the others on Twitter, read my previous posts about …


10 People I Follow On Twitter and Why I Think You Should Follow Them Too


I hope that Brian Yerkes will forgive my plagiarizing of his title from his blog post “5 People I Follow On Twitter and Why“. I have been writing these weekly recommendations for a few weeks now and when I saw his title I thought it was a perfect way to encourage people to read the contents of the post, like a good title should. So hats off to you, Brian, for not only having a cool first name but also a smart blog post title. …


My Weekly Recommendations of GREAT People To Follow On Twitter – 080709


Each week I try to recommend ten more people that I follow on Twitter with an explanation about WHY I am encouraging you to discover the value I have found in these wonderful people. I have also tried to give an accompanying article that follows or discusses something related to the now infamous #FollowFriday phenomenon on Twitter.

But it is now 8:40 pm (EST) on Friday night and there is not much time to keep up the article tradition. So rather than try to throw …


How To Use #MrTweet Instead of #FollowFriday + My Weekly Recommendations

It’s Friday again, and the hordes of #FollowFriday lists are filling up the Twitter stream once more. Every Friday for the past several weeks I have written a Follow Friday related post to share my thoughts and insights into this social media phenomenon, and I have started my own tradition of recommending at least 10 people here with a more detailed explanation of why I follow them in the hopes that you would follow them too and discover the value I have in each of …