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I Ain’t No Followback Girl (or Boy)

I Ain't No Followback Boy

Just the other day I saw the above tweet in my @replies column on Tweetdeck. I have to admit that right at first I was a little angry, offended and irritated. Not because this person chose to stop following me, but because they thought it was necessary to make a public statement about it. It felt a little bit like an attack on me and all because I had not automatically followed this person back after they followed me. Of course, in a matter of …


Behind The Avatar #1: Jack Franklin – 17-Year-Old Web Developer and Editor of The Web Squeeze

Behind The Avatar - Jack Franklin

Today I will be starting a new feature here on the blog in which I will introduce you to people and blogs and websites who I have found to be of value to my education and life experience. Whether I follow them on Twitter or subscribe to their blog’s RSS feed or have interacted with them in some other way, these are people that I am getting to know and want to encourage you to do the same. In keeping with the spirit of previous …


#FollowFriday on Twitter Is Like Flowers at a Funeral


Okay, I admit that the title is a little morbid and maybe a bit extreme, but if you’ll bear with me I think you will see my point.

Have you ever been to a funeral and noticed that the gathering is comprised of a lot of people who haven’t seen each other in a long time (maybe since the last funeral)? When the service starts there is usually a time where friends of the deceased are allowed to share their thoughts about this person they …


#FollowFriday Again? Really? (Plus 8 More People I Think You Should Follow And Why)

No More FollowFriday (please?)

I mean no disrespect to all of the amazing people who have recommended me on this and past Fridays. To the contrary, I am very flattered. I don’t just say that out of false humility. It truly floors me that almost 6,000 people have determined that what I put out on my Twitter updates is worth their time. I don’t look at it flippantly because I myself don’t just follow anyone. I choose people who I believe add value to my Twitter stream and my …


8 People I Think You Should Follow On Twitter and Why


If you’ve followed my blog at all you have come to know my feelings about #FollowFriday on Twitter. If this is your first time here I have several posts explaining why I prefer to provide a more detailed explanation of why I am recommending people for you to follow. Please take a minute to read them if you can.

Why I Don’t Want To Do #FollowFridays On Twitter Anymore
How Twitter Reminded Us That People – Not Numbers – Are What Matter
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