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All The Links I Tweeted This Week: 3/1 – 3/5

I have tried to share the links I tweet in several different formats on this blog, just in case someone would benefit from it. It got to be a bit much work, and then the automated searchable database of links that I had running started doing weird things, so I kind of stopped. But I thought I would try another route, and simply keep a copy of every link I tweet throughout the week, then simply make the list available here. It’s not sorted by …


Is “Good Design” In The Eye Of The Beholder?

Good Design

I’ve seen quite a few articles and blog posts recently discussing “good design” and “bad design”. It got me thinking about the concept, along with the various categorizations and judgments we who operate under the title “designer” place so easily on the work of others as well as our own. Is not the determination of whether or not an object of design is deserving of the rating “good” a subjective one, formed by preferences and/or opinions? Or is there, in fact, a set of standards …


Behind The Avatar #6: Get To Know Sarah Camp of Camp Creative Group

Behind The Avatar #6 - Sarah Camp of Camp Creative Group

The idea here is that there are countless avatars and websites and icons and blogs. But every single one of them has a person or people behind them. Get to know the person a little bit and you will be all the more interested and invested in what they have to say and share.

I first came into contact with Sarah Camp a few months back in a Thursday night session of DCTH (Design Community Twitter Hours), a weekly chat session on Twitter amongst designers …


3 Keys To Attracting New Clients On Twitter

The Used Car Salesman

I was recently participating in a discussion among freelancers in a Google Wave regarding finding new clients on Twitter. I was surprised to hear that all of the other participants had not found a single new client or made any money through their efforts on the social network. The reason I was surprised is because my experience has been quite the opposite. I came to realize I might be the exception to the rule and I could possibly help other freelancers by sharing what I …


State of the bkmacdaddy designs Blog (After A Whirlwind Week)


Wow! Where did this last week go?!?

I just wanted to write a quick update to let those of you who are wondering know that I have NOT abandoned this blog. It has been a CRAZY week for me and something had to give. I even tweeted less than normal!

Rest assured knowing that I plan to return to my normal 2-3 posts per week within the next couple of days. Here’s a quick rundown of where we’ve been and what’s coming up:

Last Saturday …