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What’s Your Motivation For Creation?


Over the years I have asked myself this question many times. Whether in music, art, design, writing, or any other context in which something is poured out of me into a work, I am always considering the driving force behind it. Recently I have been asking the question again because of this blog. I had a few motivations for adding a blog onto my design site:

» Increase traffic to the site for brand visibility and to generate new clients

» Open a creative outlet


MacDaddy Links of the Week: Sep. 1-5


This week’s links compilation is a little smaller than normal due to the massive end of the month post that came in the middle of last week: Monthly Mother Lode of MacDaddy Links: August 2009 . Next week I’m sure we’ll be back to our normal pace.

These links are taken from my personal bookmarks I save on Delicious. You can also browse all my Delicious bookmarks HERE. Also be sure to browse my searchable database of all the links I tweet HERE.

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Monthly Mother Lode of MacDaddy Links: August 2009


This is it – you’ve struck the Mother Lode of MacDaddy links! All my Delicious bookmarks from August 2009 compiled and somewhat organized by subject matter. Not claiming to be the TOP links of the month (whatever that is) but these are links I have saved to my own personal bookmarks because I have found them valuable and useful.

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MacDaddy Links of the Week: Aug. 16-22


Here is this week’s compilation of the articles, tutorials, free downloads and more that I have added to my personal bookmarks for my own use. I hope that by sharing these you will find some useful treasures of your own. I’ve tried to organize them a bit to make it easier to find things – for all you other anal retentive types like me! Enjoy!

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All The MacDaddy Links In One Place – Updated All Day Long!!!


***UPDATE 08/13/09: Now the links are SEARCHABLE! Check it out!

Since I have been on Twitter I have accumulated a following by not only interacting with the many new friends and connections I have made, but also by sharing a continuous supply of links to resources for web and graphic design, SEO, social media and more. As I have refined this link-sharing process over time, I have been trying to find alternative ways to provide the links for those that may want access or feel …