Pinterest RSS Widget – A WordPress Plugin To Display Your Latest Pins

Pinterest RSS Widget WordPress Plugin

Downloaded 96112 times!

I am extremely proud and pleased to share with you a new WordPress plugin created by bkmacdaddy designs called Pinterest RSS Widget. It’s a handy little plugin for WordPress users who are also using the latest social sharing sensation called Pinterest. You can use this free plugin to display up to 25 thumbnails of your latest Pinterest Pins in your sidebar or anywhere else in your WordPress theme that uses widgets. You can also use it without a widget by either using template tags in your theme files or using the shortcode in your posts or pages. It’s easy to install and configure to match your theme’s design, and it has several options that will help you encourage your visitors to connect with you on Pinterest.

You can download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository HERE, or you can install it automatically from your WordPress dashboard. Simply search the plugins for “Pinterest” and you’ll find it at or near the top of the list. If you find the plugin useful, please consider donating to encourage the further support and improvement of this and other plugins from bkmacdaddy designs.

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What you can do with the Pinterest RSS Widget WordPress plugin

  • Show thumbnails of your latest pins.
  • Choose whether or not show the first few words of the title of each pin beneath it.
  • Choose how many thumbnails to show, from 1-25.
  • Set the height and width of all thumbnails.
  • Set each Pin’s link to open in the same or a new window/tab.
  • Choose whether or not to show a “Follow Me On Pinterest” button below the thumbnails, linked to your account.

How to use the Pinterest RSS Widget WordPress plugin

Installation is done the usual way. You can either download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository and upload it via FTP or use the built-in WordPress plugin installer, or you can install it directly from within the WordPress Administration Dashboard Plugins area.

Once installed and activated, you simply navigate to the Appearance > Widgets area and drag and drop the Pinterest RSS Widget to the sidebar where you want it to appear. Once you drop it in the sidebar you are presented with a number of options as follows:

  • Title: enter the title of the widget as you want it to appear in your sidebar.Pinterest RSS Widget WordPress Plugin settings screenshot
  • Pinterest Username: enter the username of the Pinterest account you wish to display Pins from.
  • Max number of pins to display: enter any number from 1-25. It’s best to figure out the size of the thumbnails and how many will fit in a row or rows within your sidebar. You may need to play with this option a little to see what works best for your theme.
  • Thumbnail Height in pixels: enter the height of each thumbnail as best fits your sidebar and theme. This measurement is in pixels and defaults to 150. You only need to enter the number and not the ‘px’ that follows in CSS.
  • Thumbnail Width in pixels: enter the width of each thumbnail as best fits your sidebar and theme. Just like the height, this measurement is in pixels and defaults to 150, and you only need to enter the number.
  • Where to open the links: select either “New Window” or “Same Window” from the dropdown to choose where you want the Pins to open when clicked on. New Window is better for keeping visitors on your site.
  • Display title below pins? Selecting “Yes” will show the first few words of each Pins title/description directly beneath its thumbnail. Selecting “No” will, of course, not show the text.
  • Show “Follow Me On Pinterest” button: select “Yes” to show the official red “Follow Me On Pinterest” button below the whole group of thumbnails. The button is automatically linked to your Pinterest account and will take the visitor there to follow you. Select “No” to refrain from showing the button.
  • Use RSS enclosures? This should be left at “Yes” for most websites.

Click the blue button labeled “Save” and you’re good to go!

How to use the Pinterest RSS Widget WordPress plugin in your theme (not as a widget) with template tags

The plugin also works well outside of the widget usage, so if you’re a theme developer or someone who knows their way around enough to mess with the code, you can display the list of latest Pins thumbnails by placing the following code in your theme files where you want them to appear:

<?php get_pins_feed_list($username, $maxfeeds, $divname, $printtext, $target, $useenclosures, $thumbwidth, $thumbheight, $showfollow); ?>

Here are the variables and how to use them:

  • username is the Pinterest username you wish to display Pins from (mandatory)
  • maxfeeds is the maximum number of Pins to display (optional, default = 25)
  • divname is a name suffix for the list class. “myList” will become “pins-feed-myList” (optional)
  • printtext must be 1 if you want the image title/description to show below the image (optional)
  • target is “samewindow” or “newwindow”, depending on where you want links to open (optional, default = samewindow)
  • useenclosures is “yes” or “no” (optional, default = yes). Use this if you don’t want to use the tag in the feed and force the script to find an image link in the feed item description.
  • thumbwidth is a number that will set the width in pixels of the Pin’s thumbnail (optional, default = 150)
  • thumbheight is a number that will set the height in pixels of the Pin’s thumbnail (optional, default = 150)
  • showfollow is “yes” or “no” (optional, default = yes). Use this if you want to show the “Follow Me On Pinterest” button below the thumbnails.

Here’s an example:

<?php get_pins_feed_list('bkmacdaddy', 10, 'myList', 1, 'newwindow', 'yes', 125, 125, 'yes'); ?>

The code above will display ten 150×150 pixel thumbnails/Pins from my bkmacdaddy Pinterest account with each list item using the CSS class “pins-feed-myList”. When clicked on, the pin will open in a new window or tab. The “Follow Me On Pinterest” button will display beneath the entire list of thumbnails. Here’s an example of how it can look in a footer:

Pinterest RSS Widget WordPress Plugin footer example

How to use the Pinterest RSS Widget WordPress plugin in your posts and pages with the shortcode

You can also use the plugin’s shortcode to display your latest pins in posts or pages. While editing the post or page that you want to add your Pins to, enter the shortcode [prw username=“Your Pinterest Username”]. At the very minimum you have to include the username parameter, substituting “Your Pinterest Username” with your actual Pinterest username. The rest of the parameters are the same as listed above in the template tags explanation, and the defaults are also the same. Here’s an example::

[prw username="bkmacdaddy" maxfeeds="10" divname="myList" printtext="0" target="newwindow" useenclosures="yes" thumbwidth="100" thumbheight="100" showfollow="medium"]

The above example will show the 10 latest Pins from my (bkmacdaddy) Pinterest account, in a div class titled “pins-feed-myList”. Each thumbnail will be 100 x 100 pixels with no description below them. When clicked on, the Pin will open in a new tab/window, and the Follow Me On Pinterest button at the bottom will be the medium sized one.

If you leave out any of the parameters they will revert to the defaults listed in the template tags explanation above.

If your images are not showing, here are some of the possible reasons

There are so many variables that are related to hosting servers and such that it’s impossible to provide all of the possible answers. However, images not showing is most likely a problem with the timthumb.php image resizing script that is included in the plugin. Here are some possible solutions:

  • TimThumb requires the GD library, which is available on any host sever with PHP 4.3+ installed. Make sure your host has this installed (most do).
  • Once installed and in-use, TimThumb will automatically create a /prw_tmp/ subfolder in your/ wp-content/uploads/ directory with proper write-permissions. If your host server doesn’t allow this by default, be sure to manually create the /prw_tmp/ subfolder in your/ wp-content/uploads/ directory and set the /prw_tmp/ folder permissions to 755. If this still doesn’t work, try setting the /cache/ folder permissions to 777.
  • Known issue with timthumb.php on Hostgator: If your website is hosted on Hostgator, you may need to contact HostGator to request “mod_security whitelisting”. More info here: http://support.hostgator.com/articles/specialized-help/technical/timthumb-basics

If for some strange reason you’re still having issues, please use the WordPress support forum for the plugin or send me a message via my contact form or on Twitter to @bkmacdaddy and I will do everything I can to help you get it working.

Acknowledgements and thank-yous

This was my first journey into the world of WordPress plugin development, and I could not have possibly succeeded without the assistance and brilliance of the following:

  • Yorik van Havre, who created the Image Feed Widget plugin that became the basis for this one. His code made it much easier for me to get my feet wet and figure this thing out.
  • Aida B. (Aida of Nubia), who first brought the need for this plugin to my attention and then proceeded to help me test and improve it. Connect with her on Pinterest or at her website.
  • Dee Teal, who offered great suggestions, helped clean up the code and tested and tweaked the plugin with Aida and me. Connect with her on Pinterest or at her website.

Let me know how the plugin works for you

Please be sure to leave a comment below letting us know how you fare with the plugin, along with a link to where you’re using it. If you really love it, please consider a donation for the time spent developing and supporting it. At the very least, please submit your star rating of the plugin on its WordPress Repository page. Oh, and you can connect with me on Pinterest here. Enjoy!

  • So proud! Well done, my friend. Glad to have been a contributor to this project.

  • Tieson Wooten

    Looks pretty awesome. I just started using Pinterest and was wondering how to integrate it with WP. Well done sir!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! I just started using Pinterest too, and I was shocked to see there wasn’t already a plugin like this in existence for WordPress. So I just HAD to make one! Glad you like it!

  • Equally proud to have been involved!! Go you!! Thanks for the shout out 🙂

  • Very cool. Slowly find myself using Pinterest more and more, so easy integration into WordPress is something with real potential. Good work!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! I just saw the need and decided to fulfill it. Hope it helps you and others out.

  •  I am addicted to Pinterest and use WordPress often! Thanks for sharing this with us. (:

    • Anonymous

      Hehe…I’m getting swallowed up by the Pinterest addiction myself. This plugin was just a natural extension that had to happen. Hope it’s helpful for you.

  • Love it! And installed it right away 🙂 http://tweet4ok.com/contact/ thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for a plugin like this ever since I got addicted to Pinterest. I tried to insert it into a page but must be doing something wrong because this:

    gives me this:

    Thanks again!

    • vanessa

      ?php get_pins_feed_list(‘vanessabrady’, 90, ‘myList’, 0, ‘newwindow’, ‘yes’, 150, 150, ‘large’); ?

      • Anonymous

        Okay Vanessa, I just uploaded version 1.3. Upgrade and you can now use a shortcode to show your latest Pins in a post or page! See the FAQs for instructions: 

        • Thank you so much! I’m thrilled to be able to show it all on one page. It’s only showing 25 pins for some reason but I’ll keep playing with it. Thanks again!

          • Anonymous

            Glad it’s working for you, Vanessa! I did some more research and figured out that Pinterest’s RSS feed only shows the most recent 25 pins, so that’s the max this plugin is able to show. I’ve updated all of the documentation accordingly.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately you can’t enter PHP code directly into a WordPress page because WP will strip some elements and it won’t function properly (as you’ve shown). I didn’t anticipate anyone trying to put it directly into a page or post so I didn’t add that capability. But for you (and anyone else who wants to use it like this) I’ll create a new version that will have a shortcode you can use instead of the PHP, so it will work in a page or post. I’ll try to have it finished later today or tomorrow, then all you’ll have to do is upgrade the plugin and use the new shortcode. I’ll post another reply to your comment when it’s done so you’ll be notified.

  • Gaëtan Petit

    You know what you need?
    Better than rss thumb? Full resolution pic from pinterest 🙂


    $src = str_replace(‘_b.jpg’, ‘_f.jpg’, $src);

    And voila.
    Thanks for your great plugin this will be really helpful 🙂

    Also posted in : http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-pinterest-rss-widget-using-full-resolution-picture?replies=1#post-2594417

  • Gaëtan Petit


  • Anonymous

    I installed it but there is a bullet before each pin. Do you know what is wrong? http://thecatholiccouponer.com

    • Anonymous

      It’s an issue with your theme’s CSS. Simply add the following code at the end of your theme’s style.css file (you can do this in the WordPress admin under Appearance > Editor):

      .widget-area ul li.pins-feed-item {list-style-type:none;}

      Let me know if this helps you out.

      • Hi! Love your plugin but I have the same problem and tried adding the code at the end of my style.css but the bullet points are still there. Is there something else I need to do? I’m running Family Tree theme on Genesis for WP

        • Anonymous

          If you can give me a link to where the plugin is being used on your site I can give you the specific CSS for your issue.

          • Thanks! I’d appreciate the help. It’s http://woofwoofmama.com  I figured out how to get rid of the bullets in the sidebar but don’t know how to get the space in between the thumbnails…I took the background line out if this code but now they all crowd together:
            }#sidebar li, #sidebar-alt li {list-style: none;margin: 0;padding: 0 0 0 0px;} 

          • Anonymous

            Add this, either below where your code above is or else at the bottom of your style.css file:

            #sidebar li.pins-feed-item {margin:5px;}

            That should give you your spacing back.

          • PERFECT! Thanks so much!

  • Becky M

    For those with multiple boards, some of which may not fit the content of the website, have you considered allowing people to include (or exclude) specific boards?

    • Anonymous

      I would love to do it but Pinterest does not yet provide specific RSS feeds for individual boards. I imagine at some point they will, and then I’ll update the plugin to accommodate. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Anonymous

      I was about to ask the same. Getting the RSS feed is exactly the same, slapping a “/rss” onto the end of an individual board’s page URL.

      • Anonymous

        When I first created the plugin I was told that individual boards did not have their own RSS feed. However, either that has recently changed or I was originally misinformed. Another developer has recently added on the functionality of setting the widget to a specific board’s RSS feed and sent me his work, so as soon as I get a chance I will be updating the plugin with this functionality – hopefully within the next day or two.

        • Brian, you were not misinformed. Board RSS did not exist when this plugin was launched. It’s new. Lots of changes and new features happening almost every day, feel free to email me if you run into something you haven’t seen before. Happy to help.

    • Anonymous

      I just uploaded a new version 1.4 of the plugin that will allow you to show pins from a specific board. Let me know how it works for you.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve just uploaded a new version 1.4 that allows you to show pins from a specific board. Let me know how it works for you.

      • Orissa

        How do I set up shortcodes to show specific boards only? Sorry if you’ve answered this already but I haven’t seen in the comments.
        And – Thanks for the plugin, setting it up on a new site now, will leave a rating once it’s all up and running.

  • Gaëtan Petit

    Y U NO answering to this?

    You know what you need?
    Better than rss thumb? Full resolution pic from pinterest 🙂


    $src = str_replace(‘_b.jpg’, ‘_f.jpg’, $src);

    And voila.
    Thanks for your great plugin this will be really helpful 🙂

    Also posted in : http://wordpress.org/support/t…

    • Anonymous

      My apologies. I didn’t see a need for an answer. 

      I appreciate your suggestion but it’s not something I personally am going to take the time to implement, since the plugin is functioning fine the way it is currently configured.

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  • Danette Lykins

    THANK YOU! I just LOVE this little widget on the side of my blog~ my new motto is” I’d Rather be Pinning” LOL I go to do a post, or work on my site, etc.. and somehow end up on Pinterest for an hour.. geesh! its addicting!

    Well, on to the “issue”.. I have a very old, outdated theme that I have kept running with bailing wire & duct tape (my two favored tools for everything…) anyway- I am not sure if it is my theme, or because I have really tweaked the site or what.. but every now & then I get a Fatal Error with the pinterest widget… this is what it says:

    Fatal Error:The theme has encountered a problem that it cannot recover from. Please use the following information to try to resolve the problem.Error Code: php_code_error:1:/home/zookdog1/public_html/mystickitchen.com/wp-content/plugins/pinterest-rss-widget/pinterest-rss-widget.php:53:Call to undefined method WP_Error::get_item_quantity()Message: A fatal code error occurred.

    Then goes on to show the Debug Data… could this be a problem with the plugin? or the theme- or with the pinterest feed itself? thanks! I appreciate any help you can give~

    • Mlongver

      I’m getting the same error trying to place code into a theme.

    • Anonymous

      Can you give me the address to your website so I can take a look?

  • I inserted my widget and all is OK except  the follow me button appears at the very bottom of my sidebar, leaving a huge gap between this and my pin pictures. If I put it anywhere but at the bottom of the sidebar, all other content gets pushed down.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, the plugin is great thanks. It worked well until around yesterday and now the images from Pinterest does not show.
    I set the site live recently, but I don’t think that there is a path specific thing that I need to change. The info gets pulled from
    Pinterest properly and the links to it works, but the images themselves do not show. Any ideas perhaps? Check http://www.seedcreative.co.za

    • Anonymous

      I went to your site but the widget is not active so I can’t troubleshoot it. Let me know when you have it on the site and I’ll take a look.

      • Anonymous

         Sorry, client wants it disabled during weekend. Basically the text links of it shows and links to right spot on Pinterest, but images do not show. Want me to enable it for you?

        • Anonymous

          It sounds like timthumb.php is not working. Could be a permissions issue or a hosting issue. I’m on my way out but can look into it on Monday if you’d prefer.

          • Anonymous

             Ok, drop me an email at david[at]cognite.co.za if you want. Thanks very much for the plugin. Great work. Yes, Monday would be great.

          • Anonymous

             Hi! You can view the code here : http://www.seedcreative.co.za/category/our-seeds . If it is timthumb then it worked on test and then on the live location, but stopped working. Do I uploaded the timbthumb to a newer version perhaps?

  • Dewey_northington

    I tried using it but I get an erro:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::get_item_quantity() in
    on line 56

    • Anonymous

      Can you give me the address to your website so I can take a look? 

      • Dewey_northington

         d3w3y.com thanks

        • Robert

          Any ideas/solutions yet? I’m having the same issue. I have the widget near the top of my site, so if it gives the fatal error, the rest of the site does not load. Refreshing a few times usually fixes it, but it’s not the kind of error any brand wants to have happen on their site.

          Dewey, just curious, do you have it on your site as a widget, or do you have it coded in the theme? I’m wondering if it’s due to that. I read somewhere else that it could be the RSS feed itself, meaning the plug-in is fine, but the feed breaks occasionally…

      • Dewey_northington

         Any thoughts?

        • Anonymous

          I have been out of town and just returned so I have been unable to take a look as of yet. I will try to take a look within the next day or two. Thanks for your patience.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, it looks like you are now using a different Pinterest plugin so it would be impossible for me to troubleshoot mine. Looks like the one you’re using is working fine though. Please let me know if your issue is solved.

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  • Skiingmax

    Hi bkmacdaddy.

    First of all thx for that useful and easy to handle plugin.
    A short question: Is it possible to increase the max. number of shown pins?

    Best regards

    • Webmax

       Any possibility?

      • Anonymous

        Pinterest’s RSS feed only provides information for 25 pins, so there’s nothing I can do about that. Sorry.

        • Webmax

           Oh – OK. But thanks anyway for your reply!

  • Hi bkmacdaddy. I LOVE this plugin. A few weeks ago, it made my sidebar and footer disappear. Everything returns to normal once I deactivate the plugin. It’s only when it’s activated that problems occur. This just started and I’m not sure why. Would love to know if it can be fixed so I can keep using it. Don’t really like using other versions I’ve found.

  • Maria

    Using the code inside a post works fine, though I’m experiencing a css-problem:

    I’m using
    li.pins-feed-item { display: inline; margin:5px; float:left; }

    Your plugin generates , but the float remains (so everything after the pins floats left as well, instead of starting on a new line). Any ideas how to solve that?

    Another question, more plugin-related:
    the code inside a post works fine (except for above mentioned problem), but the code for the sidebar doesn’t work: no images. I’ve created a directory / wp-content/uploads/prw_tmp/ and even tried 777 permissions. But still no images (and no description text either).

    This is what I’m using:

    What am I doing wrong?
    My weblog: http://www.livlig-online.com
    (the sidebar is defined in http://www.livlig-online.com/wordpress/wp-content/themes/livligtemplate/footer.php)

    Can you help me?!

  • Anonymous

    UPDATE: For those of you who have been experiencing issues with the timthumb.php script (server conflicts, images not showing, etc.) you will be pleased to know that I’ve just released version 2.0 that uses a completely different, jQuery-based image resizing script. This should eliminate the errors anyone has been having that were related to timthumb.php. Update your plugin to the latest version to enjoy!

  • I have a problem with your plugin ”

    Pint it

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_items() in /var/www/vhosts/estudiohorizontal.com/subdomains/otro/httpdocs/wp-content/themes/Framework/admin/widgets/pinterest-rss-widget/pinterest-rss-widget.php on line 68″I have read all the comments an other have the same problems, but i don´t find the solution.

  • Jack

    The latest 2.0 version adds a large gap above and below the thumbnail as if there were a text block there. I have “Display Title Below Pins” set to off, but it seems to think there is text there still. I reverted back to 1.5 and it works normally again.

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm. If you still had the new version installed I could troubleshoot on your site, but without anything to work with I can’t see the issue.

  • Robert

    On my site when the page loads, the pins appear much larger for 2-3 seconds before sizing down to the width/height values I have set. Is there a way to fix this so that they always appear at the correct size?

    • Anonymous

      There is currently no way around this because it’s due to the images loading before they are resized by jQuery. Next free time I have I’ll look into a possible way to fix this.

  • David Woodfin

    Thank you for your nice article.It is good comment.


  • David Bovill

    Great plugin – the best of the pInterest plugins to date. Got a new bug to report (not sure of the best place to do that) –  embedding a board is broken today – posts that were previously working break with the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::get_item_quantity() in/xyz/blah/domain.org/wp-content/plugins/pinterest-rss-widget/pinterest-rss-widget.php on line 64

    • Anonymous

      This seems to be a problem with Pinterest RSS feeds, not the plugin. If Pinterest’s servers are overloaded at any given time this error will show up. I did notice they were running exceptionally slow today. Try reloading at different times throughout the day to see if it works for you.

      • David Bovill

        Yes – seems like the issue was down to the speed of the Pinterest servers! However, the way the plugin handles the error is a major problem, as instead of displaying some error text in the post the page displaying the post is broken – not even showing the admin menus to allow you to login and so fix the site. Breaking the site is the problem?

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  • cstraface

    Will you be adding support for WP 3.6? The plugin appears broken now after I updated my clients theme…any thoughts?

  • helene

    Sorry to say but your plugin gives MAJOR problems on our WordPress-webshop and a WordPress-styling-website. It stopped the ordering-buttons and on the styling-site it blocked the home-page slider and other bizarre errors! Good to check again…

  • Loz

    Hi I wonder if you could help me?

    I am trying to put your pinterest rss widget into my sidebar on my wordpress site and keep getting the following error –

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::set_timeout() in/home3/tea21cup/public_html/wp-content/plugins/pinterest-rss-widget/pinterest-rss-widget.phpon line 61

    Is there anything you suggest I can do to solve the problem?

    Really appreciate your help, thanks.

  • JohnBuns

    I can’t get this to show more than 25 thumbnails no matter what I do.

    • JohnBuns

      This is with it set on a page using the code. No matter what I set maxfeeds=X to it defaults to 25 on the page.

      • JohnDicks

        Cool thanks for a fucking response.

  • Guest

    Hello! Is it possible to choose certain pages on your website where you DON’T want the pin-it button to show?

  • Any way to make these nofollow? Google is applying a manual action for unnatural outbound links on my site and these are the only ones left for them to complain about.

  • Great plugin! Have some weird things though, the ‘output’ seems to be different sometimes, there seems te be a filter over the thumbs, thus not showing the photo in full colour. And sometimes the image thumbs seem to be loading incorrectly. This is however nog consistent and differs from time to time. Im using the plugin on http://reizenin-nieuw-zeeland.nl/nieuw-zeeland/streken/auckland/ and the incorrect showing of the images (losing borders etc.) happend last time on http://reizenin-nieuw-zeeland.nl/napier-tot-wellington/.

    • Lars

      Any news on this? Still have the problem on some pages in some occasions.

  • Jon

    Love the plugin! Can you tell me how to remove the hyperlink from the displayed pins? I don’t want users to go to the Pinterest board.

    • Jon

      Just checking in to see if this is an option? Or would we be left to finding a coder to customize the plugin?

  • Brooke

    I’m on version 3.9.2 of WordPress and cannot install your plug in since it isn’t compatible. Is there a more up to date version that would work in 3.9.2?

  • kate

    I was wondering if there was a way to change how long the displayed title under the pin thumbnail is? Right now it is cutting off the words and looks a little strange.

  • Bruce

    How do you configure the widget to display multiple Pinterest boards in the sidebar?

  • Gaetano Scrimieri

    Why I don’t see anymore the pictures I did Pin one month ago? Is there any parameter to set in this plugin or must I pin often??

  • Really like the plug-in but curious if there is a simple way to show random- rather than the most recent pins? I found an old post from years ago with a fix but it doesn’t seem to work now.

  • Emilia

    Bellissimo!! Thank you!

  • Jackie Craven

    The plugin stopped working for me… I’m not sure why. I went to my site and saw that instead of my pins, a clipart ad was displaying. So, I went to pinterest and re-saved my photo collection. Then I logged into my WordPress site, checked to make sure my pinterest information was still entered correctly, and re-saved. The clipart went away, but my pins do not appear. This is a new issue that occurred after I updated WordPress to 4.5.1.

  • Bailey

    Big fan of the plugin – thanks for sharing! Is there anyway to display the description of the pin too?