MacDaddy Links of the Week: Aug. 9-15

This week I unleashed a new feature of this website: a searchable database of all the links (and only the links) I tweet each day. If this compilation is too small for you and you can’t seem to get enough of the MacDaddy linky goodness, then be sure to check out the new links page. Bookmark it for future use too, as it is almost guaranteed someday you will want to use the resource again.

The group of links below are this week’s favorites for me – meaning I bookmarked them in Delicious for my own personal use. I’ve organized them below to help you find things easier (I hope). Enjoy!

*Hint: if you want to receive daily updates of links that I bookmark, all you have to do is subscribe to my RSS feed and they’re yours!

Do you have some other links you would like to share? Drop a comment or tweet it to me any time. I’d love to discover more!