MacDaddy Links of the Week – 072509

It’s that time again, boys and girls! These are the links that I have bookmarked this week for my own personal use. I don’t claim them to be the best of the week – but they are what I am using and rereading and keeping for future use. So maybe there are some in here for you too!

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Ready? Okay! Here are this week’s ultra pimp slick mack daddy links. Enjoy!

Do you have some other links you would like to share? Drop a comment or tweet it to me any time. I’d love to discover more!

  • http://craigbaldwin.com/ Craig Baldwin

    Thanks for the link inclusion, liking all the other links too, great job!

    • bkmacdaddy

      Love your site. Thanks for visiting!

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  • http://www.michaeldambold.com Dambold

    Your face is so whiiiiiiiiteee….. I can’t see your faaaaaaaaaaace…

  • http://2cre8productions.blogspot.com 2cre8

    Love these types of lists! Thanks for sharing MacDaddy! Look forward to your new list (I sort of do the same thing on my blog.)

  • http://vvvvvvvv.ru MishaPowerauto

    I love these stories! Keep making them!
    http://www.cherrysave.com – cool!!!!

  • http://vsushi.ru SergeyNikolaev

    Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

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