#FollowFriday Again? Really? (Plus 8 More People I Think You Should Follow And Why)

No More FollowFriday (please?)

I mean no disrespect to all of the amazing people who have recommended me on this and past Fridays. To the contrary, I am very flattered. I don’t just say that out of false humility. It truly floors me that almost 6,000 people have determined that what I put out on my Twitter updates is worth their time. I don’t look at it flippantly because I myself don’t just follow anyone. I choose people who I believe add value to my Twitter stream and my …


How To Build Your Online Presence On The Cheap – Step 6: The Do-It-Yourself Website Plugins

Plug It In

In this 6th installment we will briefly go through the process of installing and setting up plugins, as well as some recommendations for which ones to use. This will not be an exhaustive study of what will work best, but instead it should get you started on adding some key functionality and enhancements to your site that will contribute to the growth of your online presence.

If you are just discovering this series, be sure to go back to the beginning and catch up …


What’s Your Motivation For Creation?


Over the years I have asked myself this question many times. Whether in music, art, design, writing, or any other context in which something is poured out of me into a work, I am always considering the driving force behind it. Recently I have been asking the question again because of this blog. I had a few motivations for adding a blog onto my design site:

» Increase traffic to the site for brand visibility and to generate new clients

» Open a creative outlet


MacDaddy Links of the Week: Sep. 1-5


This week’s links compilation is a little smaller than normal due to the massive end of the month post that came in the middle of last week: Monthly Mother Lode of MacDaddy Links: August 2009 . Next week I’m sure we’ll be back to our normal pace.

These links are taken from my personal bookmarks I save on Delicious. You can also browse all my Delicious bookmarks HERE. Also be sure to browse my searchable database of all the links I tweet HERE.

*Hint: if …


8 People I Think You Should Follow On Twitter and Why


If you’ve followed my blog at all you have come to know my feelings about #FollowFriday on Twitter. If this is your first time here I have several posts explaining why I prefer to provide a more detailed explanation of why I am recommending people for you to follow. Please take a minute to read them if you can.

Why I Don’t Want To Do #FollowFridays On Twitter Anymore
How Twitter Reminded Us That People – Not Numbers – Are What Matter
How To Use