This Is The Most Amazing, Life-Changing Blog Post You Will Ever Read (Not Really)


As I have been making my way through my Google Reader the past few days, I have noticed a troublesome trend in blog posts that has been going on for awhile but is increasing even more lately. Not all blog authors fall prey to this, especially some of the more reputable ones, but it’s those that are trying to claw and scrape their way into mass readership, no matter what it takes. One of the methods these desperate writers choose to use is the extreme, …


3 Reasons Why It’s So Easy To Fail At Blogging (and How To Succeed Instead)


In general, I am pretty good at making commitments and sticking to them, especially where my business is concerned. Yet it seems that every time I commit to blogging regularly, even just once a week, I inevitably come to a point where I drop the ball and the next thing you know, a month has gone by without a new blog post. It is a source of constant frustration, self-deprecation, and anxiety. I know I need to blog regularly. I have seen how it helps …


Your ‘Bad Client’ Might Be Your Fault: 3 Steps To Happy Clients


The freelance community is saturated with stories of ‘bad clients’. How to identify them, when to fire them, and all kinds of horror stories defining them – even websites dedicated to them (see http://clientsfromhell.net). Somehow throughout my 16+ years freelancing I managed to steer clear of any significantly horrible experiences with clients, except for one (you can read about it here.) So while I haven’t found myself completely immune to the ‘bad client’ syndrome, I have been fortunate enough to run my business relatively unscathed.…


How To Get Your Full-Time Freelance Business Started


I’ve been asked for suggestions on this topic a number of times, so I decided to share my thoughts for those who find themselves standing on the proverbial precipice, contemplating taking the leap into full-time freelancing. I found myself in that place a few years ago, and so far the leap I took from part-time to full-time freelance web and graphic design has proven very successful. Of course, I have had my share of bumps along the way, with the bruises to show for it, …


How To Say Thank You For Your Favorite WordPress Plugins (and Why You Should)

How To Say Thank You For Your Favorite WordPress Plugins and Why You Should

Anyone who uses WordPress (and there are over 70,000,000 websites that do) almost definitely uses WordPress plugins. Plugins are one of the best parts about this incredible open-source software, because they help to make it infinitely expandable and customizable to fit almost any usage requirements and desires. As a WordPress user, designer, and developer, I have probably installed hundreds of plugins throughout the years, and I have a list of about twenty that I use regularly for most of the WordPress websites I build. I …