27 More Designers You’ve Never Seen On A List Before

About 2 weeks ago I asked designers to submit their work or themselves if they had never been listed before on one of the many roundups that appear on the slew of design blogs around the web. The response was overwhelming! So far over 50 designers have responded and I am looking at making this a monthly feature of this blog due to the realization that there are a plethora of designers out there who have yet to be “discovered” by the design community at large. I absolutely love the idea of helping others to get exposure and to get more involved with the fantastic design community that I am becoming more and more a part of myself. So I will continue to do what I can to aid in the growth of the group through posts like this.

If you would like to be included in a similar future post or you know a designer who you would like to nominate, please leave your information in the comments at the end of the post. Be sure to include the following details:

» Full Name

» Website URL

» Twitter Username

Last week I introduced my readers to the first 24 designers who responded to my request. Since that post another 27 designers have submitted their info and I am pleased to share them with you below. Be sure to click on their image to view their work, and click on their Twitter username so you can follow and get to know them.

Please feel free to encourage and support anyone you want, but I would appreciate it if you would refrain from criticizing. This is about community, discovery and new experiences and inspirations. I hope you can embrace this spirit as you browse through these designers.


Lucas Albrecht

Franco Averta

Dovetail Custom Homes

James Barclay

Neil Berry

Chris Modarelli

Jill C.

Richelle Chapman

Joanna Ciolek

Simone D'Amico

Michael Guill

Damian Herrington

Vivian Hinojosa

Adam T. Janes

Anthony Jones



Samuel Mateo, Jr.

Aslam A Memon

Natalie Niemi


Rachel Pepper

Tiago Pimentel


Tanya Swan

Brandon Waybright

Andrew Yates

  • http://webexpedition18.com Nikola

    thanks bkmacdaddy!

  • http://lucasalbrecht.com Lucas Albrecht

    I am honored to be included! Thanks a bunch, can’t wait to check out all these fresh sites!

  • http://www.twitter.com/107designs Mike

    Wow… thanks for including me here!

  • http://www.creative24studios.com Neil Berry

    Thanks so much bkmacdaddy! It’s an honour to be included on the list.


  • http://www.aslammemon.com/ Aslam A Memon

    hey thanx a ton to include me here…
    its a pleasure to be added in wid some great designers!

  • http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/ Dainis Graveris

    Actually excellent idea to put unknown blogs in spotlight – only one advice – maybe it would be better if you would write a little description too about each blog.

    In that way your readers would be able to know which blogs interests them straight from your article!

  • http://www.markeetoo.com Markeetoo

    Its an honor to be in that list!
    Thanks, dude!!!

  • http://www.conceptdezain.com.ar Franco

    Thanks for adding me to the list, love the idea of making this a monthly feature

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  • http://prodzynes.com Sammy Mateo

    I’m on a Blog list WOOT WOOT! :) No seriously. Thanks Brian. This is a great idea. Gonna go ahead and link up with all these great designers. 😉

  • http://www.azzcatdesign.com Catherine Azzarello

    Wow, Brian!

    Thanks so much. Made my weekend :)

    Now I’ve got a lot of new links to click and check out my fellow designers!

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  • http://robertoblake.com Roberto Blake

    Thanks for including me in the list!

  • http://www.ryvondesigns.com Andrew Yates

    Brian, this is one of the best initiatives I have seen in a very very long time. THANK YOU! And thank you for listing me! Let me know how I can help out with the monthly lists :)

  • http://everythingisgray.com/ James Barclay

    Thanks a lot. It’s an honor to be featured here.

  • http://seventytwelve.com Jerry

    Nice list. I’m a designer who’s just starting out, and seeing all that talent out there is inspiration. Hopefully I can get listed myself one day.

  • http://www.bbgdesignstudio.com Vivian Hinojosa

    Thank you so much! I’m so excited to be featured here. I’ve gotten a lot of new followers on Twitter thanks to you :)
    You’re the best!

  • http://designzbydede.blogspot.com DeDe Smith

    Well Not really sure if I qualify since I am a different kind of designer – but I thought I would just put it here and you can decide.

    I am a digital scrapbook designer – so I design papers/elements that scrapbookers use to create their layouts! I have also illustrated a published children’s book!

    DeDe Smith/DesignZ by DeDe

  • http://blog.anthonyjones.biz Anthony Jones

    Thanks for the include. It’s nice to get a little validation sometimes 😉

  • http://rachelnpepper.co.uk Rachel

    You are brilliant. Thank you for including me. It’s good to see fresh talent.

  • http://www.brushthis.com Liora

    Wow! I am so excited to be on your list.

    I’m only learning to get my blog noticed now, and this is the first time my blog has been included on such a list – thank you, Brian.

    I’m going to read about all the other up-and-coming designers you have discovered, too.

  • http://www.vcreative.in/ Manisha Kumar

    Brilliant thought!
    Hope my website too finds a place somewhere in the list :)


  • http://blog.dotmariusz.net Mariusz

    Me, me, pick me!

    @dotmariusz, as you probably know. 😉

  • http://thedesignsuperhero.com aravind

    Nice list..
    even I am a designer.. :)

  • http://www.insidethewebb.com/2009/10/crazyleaf-design-blog-inspiration-and-resources-for-web-designers/ Jake Rocheleau

    Wished I could made the list, but maybe sometime in the future eh? http://www.jakerocheleau.com/

  • http://www.chrispierre.com Chris Pierre
  • Andrea Blanco

    Vivian Hinojosa, from BBG Design Studio is a fabulous designer, my Yoga bussiness saw tremendous change after she designed my business cards :) can’t wait to see what she does with my website.

  • http://www.designinabox.nu Tiago Pimentel

    Hi Brian. I´d like to thank you for publish my portfolio on your blog. I´m very flattered.

    [ ]s

  • http://www.helikopterdesign.com James J Martin IV

    I would love to be included in a future list!

    Helikopter Design


  • http://www.christyjenningscreative.com Christy J. Miqueli

    This is a fabulous idea. You have a lot of great designers listed.

    Christy Jennings Miqueli

  • http://www.yopdesign.com Yofie Setiawan

    » Full Name : Yofie Setiawan

    » Website URL : http://www.yopdesign.com

    » Twitter Username : http://www.twitter.com/yofiesetiawan

  • http://www.mixedpixels.webs.com April B.

    Good to see some sites I haven’t already seen somewhere else for a change.
    Here is mine for your consideration (I apologize ahead of time as I am unable to pay for my own domain name right now)
    Mixed Pixels
    Follow me: April on Twitter

    • http://www.mixedpixels.webs.com April B.

      Well crap let’s try that again:
      April on Twitter

  • http://www.pixeldoc.kilu.de Pixeldoc

    » Full Name
    Jörg Goncz

    » Website URL
    ^under construction

    » Twitter Username

    Thanks 4 ur awesome Work i´d like to see my name on ur next List hope my site is Finished until then…

  • http://www.three29design.com Livia

    Brilliant idea you’ve had here. Id love to get featured on your next one. I’m trying to work my way up :)

    » Full Name
    Livia Lucie

    » Website URL

    » Twitter Username


  • http://www.webrockstar.net Raymond Castillo

    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Hoping you would include mine someday 😀

    » Raymond Castillo
    » http://www.webrockstar.net
    » raydcastillo

  • http://www.petermcclean.com Peter McClean

    Thank you for compiling a list such as this! What a fantastic resource!! Please consider adding me to your next list. Thx! =]

    I am a multi-media artist & animator w/over 17 years of industry experience. I handle both traditional & new media projects.

    » Full Name:
    Peter McClean

    » Website URL: http://www.petermcclean.com

    » Twitter Username:

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  • http://sethetter.com Seth Etter

    Name: Seth Etter
    Website: http://sethetter.com
    Twitter: sethetter

    I’d love to be featured here, it would mean a lot. :) Thanks!!

  • http://www.2dogsdesign.com Jill C

    WOOHOO I am on a blog list!!! :-) This was just such a great idea…and much appreciated by us “little”guys out there!

  • http://www.euphoria-studio.com Dani

    Name: Dani Renaud
    Website: http://euphoria-studio.com
    Twitter: euphoriastudio

    This is such a great idea! Keep up the great surfing and sharing!

  • http://www.euphoria-studio.com Dani

    Name: Dani Renaud
    Website: http://euphoria-studio.com
    Twitter: euphoriastudio

    Great site! Keep up the surf and share lol.

  • http://www.tkawaidesign.com TKawai

    Awesome list man, great to see designers that you normally wouldn’t see get some exposure. Keep up the great work!

    Name: Tomo Kawai
    Website: http://www.tkawaidesign.com
    Twitter: @tkawaidesign

  • http://www.jeybala.com Jey Balachandran

    This is a great thing that you are doing. Hope you can include me some day:

    Full Name: Jey Balachandran
    Website URL: http://www.jeybala.com
    Twitter Username: jeybala

  • http://www.ImEnk.com Enk.

    Great stuff, keep up the good work !

    Name: Enk.
    Website: http://www.ImEnk.com/
    Twitter: @Enked

  • http://www.gamengual.com.ar Guillermo Amengual

    Twitter Username: @gamengual

  • Desegraf

    I found the idea interesting. Excellent initiative! Here my data:

    Name: Charles Mendonça
    Url site: http://www.desegraf.com.br
    Twitter Username: @Desegraf